CPG Signals

Recommended Links

On this page you can explore the various links that CPG recommends for exploration.

Enforcement Agencies
The following sites are associated with the implementation of our industry!

NASFM - National Association of State Fire Marshals
IAEI - International Association of Electrical Inspectors
IAFC - International Association of Fire Chiefs
ICBO - International Conference of Building Officials
NVFC - National Volunteer Fire Council
USFA/FEMA - United States Fire Administration

Industry Related Associations
These sites are essential to our industry!

FSSA - Fire Suppression Systems Association
ICMA - International City/County Management Association
AFAA - Automatic Fire Alarm Association
AIA - American Institute of Architects
NBFAA - National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association
ASSE - American Society of Safety Engineers
BOMA - Building Owners and Managers Association
NAFED - National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors
NCSEA - National Council of Structural Engineers
NEMA - National Electrical Manufacturers Association
NSCA - National Systems Contractors Association
NSPE - National Society of Professional Engineers
SFPE - Society of Fire Protection Engineers
NECA - National Electrical Contractors Association

Industry Related Publications
Sites that provide a view of what is going on in our industry!

BDC - Building Design & Construction
CSE - Consulting & Specifying Engineer
EC - Electrical Contractor
NFPA - NFPA Journal
SDM - Security Distributing & Marketing
SD - Security Dealer

Industry Related Services
The following sites are associated with industry services!

NICET - National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies
BLUE BOOK - Electronic Blue Book

Listing & Approval Agencies
These sites are entities which provide validity to our industry!

COC - City of Chicago
ETL - Intertek ETL
CSFM - California State Fire Marshal
FM - Factory Mutual
BSA/MEA - NYC Board of Standards & Appeals
UL - Underwriter's Laboratories Inc.

Other Important Sites
Additional sites that you may like to use!

HSEMS - Harrington Signal Electronic Manufacturing Services
HSI - Harrington Signal Inc. Corporate

Research, Code, & Standard Agencies
The following sites are associated with the "rules" of our industry!

ANSI - American National Standards Institute
ASQ - American Society for Quality
BOCA - Building Officials and Code Administrators International
ICC(CABO) - International Code Council
ISO - International Standards Organization
NFPA - National Fire Protection Association
NIST - National Institute of Standards & Technology
SBCCI - Southern Building Code Congress International